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ZIBO GUOAO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the leading company of Chinese industrial enzyme producing and research field. Our production level is taking the lead in the trade. We are engaged in the research, development, manufacture and trade of various industrial enzyme .

We offer a series of enzyme preparation products and a whole set of technical support and service to starch processing industry and alcohol industry. Our products are:High State Alpha Amylase ,Mid-Temp Alpha-Amylase,Gluco-Amylase,Cellulase GAT . Now, over 20 alcohol manufacturers in At present 10 countries or areas including Russia, Australia, Thailand, Southeast Asia and East Europe, etc are using our products. For using our high-quality enzyme , our clients have greatly reduced the production cost and improved the conversion rate and wine output.

Additionally, we also help clients to purchase other relative products made in China, to offer more perfect value added service for starch processing industry and alcohol industry. These products include: yeast, antifoaming agent, penicillin, and streptomycin sulfate, etc.

Our technologists are trying our best to improve our products and heighten the activity and stability of products. We hope to satisfy client's requirements to the greatest extent with our perfect service and technical support.

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