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Cellulase GAT
Neutral active cellulase for denim bio-washing process
Cellulase GAT is a specially compounded neutral active cellulase preparation product for bio polishing of cotton material especially washing of denim garments.

Appearance: white powder
Activity: 140u/g(EGU)
Component; special designed neutral cellulase(enzyme) and PH control ingredients
PH(1% solution): 6.0±0.5
solubility: easily soluble in water

Special properties:
1. Cellulase GAT possesses PH-adjust properties in addition to intrinsic cellulase effect and this product can be used alone.
2. No indige back-staining and superior cleans out look is obtained.
3. Provides more plump textile goods compared with acidic active cellulase.
4. No or less tear strength dropping down.
5. Very stable due to powder form of cellulase GAT
6. clean operation due to no or less need for pumice stone.
7. Very soft, tender feel, and elegant look is obtained.
8. Lower level of pumpice stones significantly reduce damage to machinery caused by stones.

1. Load the garments into the washing machine.(liquor ratio 1:5~10).
2. Desizing the garment with alpha amylase at 65? for 10-30min.
3. Drain and rinse with warm water for 3 min.
4. Add water and heating by steam to 55 ?.
5. Add cellulase GAT at 0.3% to 1.0% owf or 0.3-1g/liter.
6. Wash for 30-90min at 55?
7. Drain and warm water rinse for 3 min and cold rinse at least on time.
8. Extract and dry.

***)Desizing process

de-size Texlase, active agent, Liquor ratio 1:5~10

***) cellulase bio-washing process

Jeans CELLULASE GAT Cold Washing
0.5~2.0g/liter or 0.5~2.0%owf
Liquor ratio 1:5~10

This condition are given as guide-lines. Ideal dosage, time and temperature are wholly dependant on the machine type, denim quality, amount of stones used and desired finish

Packing: Packed in 50kgs of fiber drums
Storage and handling: Cellulase GAT should be stored in cool, dry conditions preferably 40?, Care must be taken to ensure that the containers are kept closed after use to prevent moisture entry into the products.


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