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Coenzyme Q10
English name: coenzyme Q10,ubidearenone
General name: ubidearenone
Molecular formula: C59H90O4
Property: Appearance Fine yellow to orange yellow crystalline powder,scentless and inodorous easy to disassemble when meeting light,stabilize in temperature and humidity.Melting point 48-52℃,soluble in hexane ,aether,very slightly soluble in ethanol,practically insoluble in water.
Function and Usage:
Coenzyme Q10 exists in each cell of human body.It is an indispensable to promote energy supplies.As an important part in proton shifting of breath chain and electron transfer,especially in oxidized phosphorylation of cells and the synthesis of three adenylic acid glucoside,it protects integrity of bilmembrane structure and makes the heart strong.It is an activating agent of cellular breathing and metabolism with strong function of anti-oxidization and elimination free radical.As an important oxidation inhibitor and a non-specificity immunity intensifier,Coenzyme Q10 gains the widespread application in the drugs manufacture domain.In iatrology,it mainly uses to treat scurvy,regeneration barrier anemia,duodenal ulcer,etoxic hepatitis,congested heart disease,hypertension,the pulmonary emphysema,the pericoronitis and uses as an assistant in cancer treatment.Coenzyme Q10 delays aging and enhances human body in the process of eneygy transformation in human body.It may also prevent puts on weigh and enhances eneygy of middle-aged and old persons.It is widely applied in the domain of healthy product,food,cosmetics.
Specificationa: 98.0%~101.0%
Package: 1kg,5kg,10kg,25kg or according to require.
Storage: stored in well-closed containers,stored in cool&dry place
Shelf Life: two years


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