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Antifoaming agent

GA919 organosilicon antifoaming agent is professionally researched and produced by use for alcoholic fermentation industry. It is composed of organisilicon of appropriate viscosity and nonionic surfactant, etc. It is white stable emulsion emulsified under special conditions.

GA—919 can be used in water phase system, with good compatibility with other auxiliary agent, excellent antifoaming effect, heat resistance, low dosage and price, convenient use, long antifoaming time, etc.

Main technical indicators:
1. Appearance: white emulsion;
2. Odor: odorless;
3. Toxicity: nontoxic,safe grade;
4. Density: 7.0
5. Stability: no demixing after stored for 12 months at normal temperature or centrifugated for 5 minutes in 3000r.p.m centrifuge.


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