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High State Alpha Amylase

Use: High State Alpha Amylase, with excellent heat resistance, is widely used in the industries of amylum, alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, brewing, sugar-refining, cerealose, textile etc..

Product Property:

[Physical Properties]
Appearance: Brown liquid
Solubility: Easily soluble in water
Specific gravity: 1.15-1.25g/ml

[Chemical Properties]

Calcium ion affects the active stability of enzyme
This product has excellent stability if calcium ion of low concentration exists. For the hydrolization of amylum,50-100ppm calcium ion is recommended to be added.
Optimum PH Range:5.5-7.0
Optimum Temperature Range:90-95oC

In the technics of spraying and liquefaction, transition temperature has reached 105-110 ,the hydrolization of amylum can take place effectively.

Product Specification :
1.High State Amylase is liquid enzyme, acticvity.20000U/ml(equal to Termanyl-120L of NoVo )
2. Definition of activity: Under the condition of temperature 70? , ph value 6.0, 1ml of enzyme liquid hydrolysis the quantity(mg) of soluable starch in 1 minute, it is the enzyme unit

Packaging & storage:
1, Packed in plastic drums. 25kg/drum. 225kg/drum, 1000kg/drum
2, This product is organic biochemical substance, sunlight, temperature, humidity will cause inactivation of enzyme. So, avoid exposure to sun and drench when being transported. Storehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry.


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