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We can mainly offer high temperature resistant active dry wine yeast and moderate temperature active dry wine yeast. The high temperature resistant active dry wine yeast can be used to ferment starch material and saccharide material into alcoholic products. It is resistant to high temperature, acid and ethanol, capable to improve wine output, conserve energy and reduce consumption. It can be used in high-concentration mash fermentation.

Application process

Control the fermentation temperature at 30-35oC. For the effect of electric power and water resorce, 38-40oC is also available during the middle stage of fermentation .
**When saccarification and fermentation is separated, the saccharfication temperature is 60-65oC., and the final alcohol content of fermentation broth is 9-11%; when saccarification and fermentation is not separated, control the temperature in line with the requirements of fermentation temperature, and the final alcohol content of fermentation broth is 11-15%.
Additionally, we also offer yeast special for yellow wine, grape wine, etc.


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